Thrax Astolla
Owner and Founder of the Golden Lion
As the Owner and Founder of the Golden Lion, i firstly want to thank you for your interest in our Services. All of us do that out of pure dedication towards the clubbing scene. We have the vision that everybody who wants to work in a Venue should have the possibility to do so. And in the same way, every Owner of a Venue should be able to get the Staff he needs when he needs them. Without the struggle of paying every single Staff Member every opening.
Thats where the Idea of the Freelancers has been born.

You can slide into my DM´s if you either want to be a Freelancer or if you want to be one of our customers. We can discuss everything and make a deal that fits you perfectly.
You can get in touch in the convenient ways of:

Discord: ThraX#0001


Ingame: Thrax Astolla@Lich